Can we find truths in isolation? i ask myself this often, lost in thoughts, and moving toward an elusive solution. I am drawn to the idealization of a moment, unexpected results, and how we perceive ourselves after the destruction of a dream. as i initially interact with the medium, i try to see its potential, and come to terms with the outcome. i find it hard to know when something is finished because i know it never really has to be. i get lost in line, color and the way certain shapes come together, without much planning. there is some satisfaction in the movement of whatever instrument i’m using, and seeing an outcome. this reactionary situation allows me to truly experience the inexplicable need to feel connected to something outside of time or permanence. These isolated moments i enjoy in the act of art making allow me to reconcile that everything tangible has impermanence relative to our own existence. I treat the interaction as a controlled experiment with forms on their own, seeing how they sustain themselves or not, and what happens when they react to one another. i can’t say that there is a definite visual language i am trying to achieve. i know i am driven to push the boundaries of my own perception, and find a definition of what is real to me.